Complete Cobra-Defense Bully Response Action Plan-For Cobra Instructor

Complete Cobra-Defense Bully Response Action Plan-For Cobra Instructor
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The most comprehensive guide on Child Safety & Anti Bully Techniques:

In This Manual You Will Find:

Active & Pro Active Bully Tactics Pre written letters to officials/ Law Enforcement/ Principals and more How to pre train children with scenarios The Reality of Bullying Law Enforcement Tips and Tactics Chapters from Child Psychologist and Doctors. Over 150 Illustrated anti-abduction and self-defense techniques. How to create the ultimate safety plan for your children. Incident log book and note sections. How to keep your child sfe from social media and internet exposure.

Included: *233 Page Bully Action Plan Manual *COBRA Self-Defense & Striking DVD shot in HD 1 Hour long *An 80 minute Audio Interview with Chris Sutton *Testing For Adutls and Kids

And That's Just The Beginning: The COBR-Defense Anti-Bully Manual is written by a former Corrections and Law Enforcement officer Chris Sutton who has real life experience in dealing with criminal, bullying and abductions.

Detailed Topic Content In The Training Manual: Bully Response: Proactive Strategies The Reality of Bullying in Today’s Day and Age What is “Zero Tolerance?” Define Bullying Eliminating Opportunities: How to Avoid 98% of All Bullying Shark-Infested Waters The Best Policy in the World: Your Policy Giving Your Child the Green Light Creating the Ultimate Circle of Security for Your Child The Role of the Parent Profile Your Child’s Friends Bedroom Contraband Controlling Your Child’s Internet Access Email Video Downloading Online Gaming . Social Media Cell Phones Texting Placing Restrictions on Internet Access Away from Home Don’t Ask for Trouble Assertive Confrontation Drills Knowing When to Reward Your Child for Doing the Right Thing Communicating Expectations to All Parties Avoid the Bandwagon Mentality Learning Self-Defense ABCs of Gun Safety and Awareness for Children Bully Response: Action Steps The Price of Doing Nothing Research and Study Your State Laws Deciding What Qualifies as an Act of Bullying Incident Log Sheets Avoid and Ignore: Phase 1 Avoid and Ignore: Phase 2 Physical Bullying How to Appropriately Get Law Enforcement Involved Fighting Back The Elements of a Physical Confrontation . Today’s Bully . Bonus Chapters from the COBRA Self-Defense Child Safety Manual Bonus Chapters from the Best-Selling Book The Psychology of Self-Defense Incident Log Sheets Sample Letters/Emails Resources

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24103 Us Highway 19 N, Clearwater, Fl 33763 (727)791-4111